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Squalane Oil 100% Pure



As a dry oil, Squalane keeps your glow on without leaving an oily sheen. We call it the ‘finishing touch’. This light-weight oil seals in moisture and is also anti-bacterial, making it ideal for acne-prone skin and protecting skin against pollutants. It is also perfect for helping to set your make-up, so it stays in place all day!

Recommended For:

All Skin Types & Acne-prone skin


  • Helps minimize moisture loss
  • Helps regulate oil production in the skin
  • Instantly relieves skin that feels tight and dry
  • Great body moisturizer
  • Great for dry, cold, or extreme climates
  • Helps heal chapped lips

How It Works

Squalene naturally occurs in human sebum and helps in the protection and lubrication of the skin. Through hydrogenation, naturally occurring Squalene is turned into a much more stable form of moisturizer, called Squalane. Our Squalane is sourced naturally from olives and helps improve skin elasticity and radiance.

Guaranteed fresh and effective for 2 years from the date of purchase. 


Apply 2-3 drops to fingertips and smooth onto cleansed skin morning or night. Can be added to your favorite creams and conditioners, and works especially well with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum!


100% Pure Squalane derived from olives

Timeless Promise

  • Paraben Free
  • Fragrance and Dye Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • More actives, less chemicals
  • Made in the USA


Customer Reviews

Based on 663 reviews
Larissa Parker
Love Squalene oil

Excellent oil, very moisturizing and gets absorbed by the skin pretty well. Very satisfied, will reorder again. Customer service is superb.

Laura Johnson
Love this oil!

Love this squalane oil. I have psoriasis on the back of my scalp. I have tried everything, (marula oil, A &D. cortisone, you name it) and absolutely nothing worked. I saw another reviewer on the timeless website saying she used it for psoriasis on her scalp also. So I bought the smallest size to test out during one of their sales. Let me tell you, this has been a life saver for my scalp. I put it on every night before bed, and in the morning my scalp is soothed and hydrated. Because I try to only wash my hair once a week, my scalp starts getting dry towards the end of the week, but this oil has given me 90% improvement on a daily basis. I am now worried about running out of my little bottle and am ordering the largest size with the pump because so am going to be using so much of it and also on my arms as well. Great oil.

Michelle Durham
Love this squalane

Since turning 50 my skin has been much drier and since I am using Retin A I have noticed dry patches. Timeless Squalane oil at night time after applying my serums has really helped the dryness. I also add a little to my night time moisturizer and it makes my face feel so soft and hydrated. This oil has given my dry skin the moisture boost it needs. Thank you Timeless.

Tracey Rowan
Amazing product

I use this oil in my nighttime routine. It absorbs quickly and gives my dry skin a boost of moisture. I have used far more expensive products that don't work nearly as well.

Great Product!

I use this oil at night when I need extra hydration. It is a great product. Prior to purchasing this from Timeless, I used a much more expensive Squalane oil. Timeless Squalane works just as well and costs much less.

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