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What are the benefits of argan oil?

The argan tree is native to Morocco. The nuts from the tree produce an oil which has been called “liquid gold.” Argan oil is full of vitamin E and essential nutrients for healthy skin and hair. Use argan oil for face as a skin moisturizer and healer. Here are some of the argan oil benefits:


  • Skin moisturizer

Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin. It won’t irritate your skin. Because it isn’t greasy, it’s a natural moisturizer for any type of skin. The fatty acids found in argan oil soothe the skin and prevents further dryness. The best serums for oily skin contain argan oil, because of its natural properties.

  • Anti-aging

Argan oil reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines in your face. The oil restores the natural elasticity of your skin and makes it feel plumper and look softer. Massage a few drops into your face and neck before bed.

  • Soothes skin afflicted by acne

Although it is an oil, the product is not greasy, which makes argan oil for oily skin an effective method of reducing inflammation. Anti-oxidants in the oil helps to heal damaged skin cells.

  • Works on hands, hair, feet, lips and face

Argan oil is ideal for all parts of your body. It can be used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Rubbing a few drops of argan oil in your hair makes it easier to manage, style and gives it a healthy appearance.

  • Heals irritated skin

Argan oil prevents dry skin, but it can even aid in healing cracked and sore skin. The antioxidants found in the oil speed up the healing process and reduce the pain of damaged skin.

How many beauty products can say that they do so much?

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