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Whether you suffer from dry skin due to a hereditary challenge or due to environmental circumstances of your living situation, the unfortunate truth is there is a link between dry skin & wrinkles. Knowing how dry skin can lead to wrinkles is the first step to finding ways to combat the effects of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

The Link

Through various testing, it has been proven that a dry environment can affect the appearance of wrinkles in the skin. When the skin is dry, it can lead to increased stiffness and more defined lines on the face. Over time, the dryness of the skin can cause long term effects on the definition of wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles are a challenge for many people suffering from dry skin. Fortunately, there are ways to fight the effects of dry skin & wrinkles.

What This Means for Your Skin

If the skin is dry, it tells us two things. The first thing we know is that the natural water in your skin has evaporated. Common signs of dry skin caused by a lack of water include cracking, inflammation, and breaks in the skin. The second thing we know is that your skin is in need of products that will not only increase the moisture in the skin, but that will create a layer of complete protection to help ward off wrinkles.

Products That can Help

The best skin care products for dry skin include products that focus on improving the hydration and moisture of the skin. Matrixyl 3000 serum is a champion for skin hydration with wrinkle-fighting properties. The ingredients of the serum work to reverse the signs of aging through the restructuring of the papillary dermis. Another product that you want to make sure is included in your regimen is Vitamin C serum. This essential vitamin comes prepared with a wealth of antioxidants. See an improvement in skin tone and an increase in collagen build up by adding Vitamin C to the mix.

Don’t let the struggles of dry skin & wrinkles hold you back from trying new products. With paraben-free and natural skin care products, your skin can work to improve its hydration and fight the appearance of aging.