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Personalizing Your Summer Skin Care Routine with Timeless

The changing elements have a direct impact on your skin. During the winter, your skin is prone to dryness from the lack of humidity in the air. During the summer, when the humidity is back on the rise, it makes your skin produce more oil. How should you take care of your skin in the summer? Focus on sun protection and oil control with high-quality skincare accessories.

Lighter Moisturizers

Switch to lighter moisturizer in the summer months. If your skin is especially dry, a moisturizing face spray can add a lot of moisture without heaviness. For people with oily skin, use a toner formulated with hydroxy-acids that minimize oil production to keep pores from being clogged. If you do want a heavier moisturizer, use it at night when your face can soak it in without any make-up on top. You might want to consider using non-comedogenic, mineral-based makeup during the day or giving your face a break from the makeup. 

Amp Up the Sunscreen

Everyone should be using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day of the year, but during the spring and summer months, it’s vital to your health. Reapply sunscreen after a workout or when you feel like you’ve sweated off your make-up. Argan oil with UV protection boosts your skin’s ability to repair after sun damage. Dermatologists recommend avoiding deep chemical peels in the summer, as you can be more vulnerable to the effects of the sun after the peel.  

Consider Your Overall Health

Your skin needs hydration, even if it’s the oily type. Make sure to drink lots of water during the summer to keep skin looking healthy. Try to get more vegetables and fruit while they’re in season. Make sure to get rest.

Shop for the best face serums and argan oil for sale and change your skincare routine for summer. Take care of your skin by protecting it against the summer conditions.