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Face Mist & Why You Need it This Summer

Many of us revel in the months of summer when the days are long, the weather is sunny and vacations are just over the horizon. That being said, the hot summer weather can leave you looking and feeling less than your best. To look dewy fresh no matter how high the mercury stretches, it’s in your best interests to invest in a quality face mist.


The Fundamentals of Face Mist

Just like its name implies, face mist is a mist you spray on your face whenever the heat starts to get to you. The reason we recommend them is they revitalize your face, keep your skin from feeling irritated, maintain your makeup and even act as a safeguard against pollution.

Why You Need It

While you can make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, it never hurts to work from the outside in, which is where face mists come in. It’s the vitamins and minerals found in face mists that keep you feeling fresh and your skin healthy, which you’re sure to need if you like to spend a lot of time out in the summer sun.

There are several types of face mists, but there’s only one right way to use them. Because water drying on the skin can leach moisture from it, we recommend you apply mist to your face after washing it and follow it up with moisturizer. If you’d rather do without a moisturizer, apply your face mist and blot off the excess before it has a chance to fully dry, that way you enjoy the refreshing feeling of the mist without worrying about it doing more harm to your skin than good.

For more tips on looking and feeling your absolute best this summer, feel free to reach out to us here at Timeless Skin Care by contacting us here.