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Best Skin Care Products For Postfacial

March 31, 2017

When you get a facial, your pores are opened up and deep cleaned, and dead skin is sloughed away to reveal new skin. This is an important part of regenerating tired skin cells and giving your face a radiant glow, and it will leave you with silky skin that’s healthy. But to reap all of the benefits of your facial, you have to know what skin care products are best to use afterward. Skin care after a facial must focus on ingredients that are gentle (because your skin has been through a lot) and that will help keep you in the habit of taking good care of yourself.

Gentle Cleanser

After you’ve had a deep cleaning extraction, or exfoliation during a facial, you still need to cleanse your face daily to keep that fresh appearance. But, you need to use a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate your sensitive skin. Go with a cleanser that’s all-natural and made from healing plant ingredients. A product with soothing Vitamin C is perfect.

Nourishing Serum

Post-facial, you’ll want to nourish your new layer of healthy skin with a serum. A hyaluronic acid serum is a good choice because it offers intense moisture and it doesn’t clog the pores you just cleansed with your facial.

Hydrating Lotion

After you get a facial, it’s important that you moisturize in the morning and at night with an ultra-hydrating lotion. You’ll want to make sure your procedure doesn’t leave your skin dry, which can sometimes happen after an exfoliation. A hydrating lotion used twice daily keeps the skin balanced as it continues to rejuvenate.

Protective Sunscreen

You should be wearing a protective sunscreen every day, but it’s imperative you apply a sunscreen after a facial. Your skin will be in a somewhat vulnerable state if you’ve had to have extensive exfoliation due to damaged and aging skin. Keep it safe from the sun’s harsh UV rays by using a good sunscreen.

It’s also a good idea to apply a hydrating eye cream before bed each night after your facial. This will give one of the most sensitive parts of your face a bit of added moisture to combat saggy skin and dark circles.

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