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5 Skincare Tips for Students

School can be stressful, and in addition to taking a toll on your mental health, all that stress can take a toll on your appearance as well. While eating healthy and regular exercise can go a long way toward maintaining a youthful appearance, your skin may need some extra attention. Use these tips to devise a back to school skincare regime that will have your complexion looking better than ever. 
  1. Start With a Fresh Face

It can be tempting to hop out of bed, put your hair under a ballcap and go to class without doing much more than brushing your teeth, but refrain from doing so. Starting the day with clean skin is a must, and is one the basics of skin care that all those with good skin know. 

  1. End the Day With Clean Skin

Not only is it important to start the day with clean skin, but also, it's essential to end the day with clean skin. Clean off all traces of makeup before hitting the sheets and apply a light moisturizer before going to bed. To keep undereye circles at bay, use Timeless eye cream before bed as well.

  1. Eat Right

It's so easy to eat greasy, quick meals in college, but easy foods are generally bad for your skin. If you must eat pizza and Hot Pockets, make it a weekly treat and not a nightly ritual. 

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Heaters, heavy winds and dry air all result in dry skin. Your Autumn skin care regime should include plenty of hydration methods, including argan oil Timeless and good, old-fashioned water.

  1. Use Sunscreen

Just because you don't sunbathe during the fall doesn't mean you don't need sunscreen. Sunscreen can protect your skin and provide you with a natural-looking glow year-round.

Don't let stress get the best of your complexion this fall. Use the above five tips when devising your back to school skincare routine, and shop Timeless Skin Care for the best products, to achieve a summertime glow year-round.