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Matrixyl Synthe'6 Serum 1 oz

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matrixyl synthe'6 serum

Our Matrixyl S6 Serum contains Matrixyl® Synthe'6®, a powerful peptide that boosts six skin-rebuilding essentials. This anti-wrinkle complex helps reverse the signs of aging by stimulating six major constituents of the skin matrix and dermal-epidermal junction (collagen I, II, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and lamin 5). Evens out skin and smoothes wrinkles from the inside by rebuilding the skin where it is needed, particularly on the forehead and crow's feet.

        - dries fast and clear
        - non-greasy
        - natural and paraben free
        - cruelty free
        - more actives, less chemicals



active ingredients:

matrixyl® synthe'6® - derived from the tripeptide KMK naturally found in collagen VI and laminins. We use a 2% concentration for maximum results.

hyaluronic acid - one of the most powerful hydrating and moisturizing ingredients on the market today. Holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. This serum contains 1% HA.


application:  apply 2-3 drops to fingertips and smooth onto cleansed skin morning or night.

ingredients:  water, matrixyl® synthe’6®, aloe, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, benzylalcohol, DHA.



expires two years from date of purchase.



Using the Matrixyl Synthe 6 serum is something so many people have found to be beneficial. This is always a good thing to consider when it comes to the proper skin care that is needed. With this being said, you can smooth the skin product over your skin and watch the effects take place. With so many vitamins and minerals within the serum, you should see a difference within a couple of days of using the product.

So Many Benefits That Come From Matrixyl Synthe 6 Serum

We know there are many serums on the market, and each one provides you with a different result. With pure Matrixyl serum, you know you’re getting the highest quality, natural skin care product you’re in need of. You never have to worry about not being able to get the right amount of smoothness for your skin, since the product does all of the smoothing for you. 

Take advantage of this natural skin care product that means so much to so many, and now it can to you. Notice the fine lines and wrinkles on your face slowly disappear with time as the ingredients work together to smooth out these areas, tighten them and make sure that you’re looking the best that you can. Unlike some of the other products, this anti-aging skin serum can provide you with a way to feel good about the skin that you have once again. 

This product is meant for those that want to have the best looking skin out there. With the use of Matrixyl Synthe 6 serum, you can now have the vitamins, minerals and nourish your skin instead of putting chemicals on it. Skip the other products and go straight for something that is the best for your skin when you want a younger look. 


Product Reviews

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  1. great product

    Posted by staszewska@sbcglobal.net on 27th Mar 2017

    I love it

  2. Great results

    Posted by Clara B on 14th Mar 2017

    I have been using this product for approximately 10 weeks, I can really tell the difference in my complexion, no dry spots, skin is smoother, redness is gone, k will repurchase and highly recommend it.


    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2017

    I have been using this product for about 6 weeks. I love the fact it is full of ingredients (peptides) that are known to help the skin cells renew the collagen matrix, which provides support for the skin. This is the process that gives the skin a "plumped" appearance. By plumping the skin, it lessens fine lines and wrinkles. I have already noticed the fine lines around my eyes are less noticeable. I am hopefull with continued use, this will improve even more! I use this product in conjuction with vit C and Retin A.

  4. I found my new skin products line.

    Posted by K on 13th Mar 2017

    I have been trying all different brands, but since I've tried several timeless products I am staying with this brand. The prices are reasonable and I loved the serums. Others felt like water, but these feel thicker and my face is bright and glowing.

  5. so far... good!

    Posted by YUKA on 10th Mar 2017

    from tokyo japan.
    during dry season like winter time,its bit drying you out no matter how well your pore is disappeared.
    so you need extra cream for moisturaze your skin.
    but for pore, it works really really well!
    sorry for my poor english.

  6. Wonderful addition

    Posted by Amanda on 5th Mar 2017

    This is a beautiful addition to my skincare! Soaks right into the skin, doesn't leave any residue and I can use it all over without irritation or break outs (neck, face, eyelids, under eye, chest). I even use a drop to help a patch of dermatitis where my wire bra rubs against my skin.

    The little bottle will last for ages and I will definitely be repurchasing. This with the Vitamin C serum are incredible (the vitamin c serum says it isn't suitable for oily skins due the vitamin e included in it, ignore that, it's amazing!).

  7. Great product!

    Posted by Heather C on 5th Mar 2017

    I heard about this product on the YouTube channel Hot and Flashy. I figured for the price it was worth giving it a shot. I am glad I did! I use it all over my face and neck as part of my morning skin care routine. It has improved the appearance of my underage wrinkles. Overall I think my skin looks and feels smoother and firmer since I have started using this product. i will definitely be repurchasing.

  8. Très hydratant

    Posted by Johanne on 5th Mar 2017

    Produits de très grande qualité à prix vraiment avantageux
    J'adore ce soin tout doux et très hydratant

  9. in love!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2017

    My favorite you-tuber reviewed this and her before/after pictures impressed me enough to try it. Now that I have been using this 5-6 wks, I am starting to see some great results! For reference, I am 45 & an ex-sun worshipper with noticeable wrinkles around eyes, neck and chest plus crepey eyelids. I have tried so many quality products over the years to try to help with my problem areas, including Retin-A, which I no longer use. This is the only new product I incorporated in to my current skincare routine. I use about 3-4 drops all over my face every night, including eye lids. Then I use 2-3 more drops and spread evenly over my neck & chest. This has caused no irritation or breakouts. I have also used under makeup with no issues.
    Overall I feel my skin looks slightly firmer and plumper, but has VISIBLY reduced the depth of many of my wrinkles. My neck looks smoother & firmer, the horizontal lines are softer, the vertical wrinkles where chin meets neck have diminished, and the crepey eyelids are much better. My undereye area hasn’t improved much but I hope to see improvement with continued use. This is a must have product. Thank you Timeless!

  10. love it !!!

    Posted by kimberly on 3rd Mar 2017

    I see such an improvement since starting timeless products

  11. Needs continuous using

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2017

    It is a must-have product for the skin care routine. I use it in the evenings only, thus, the results take a longer time to show up.
    Concentrated, easy to spread, effective by all means. The fact that one can use it around the eyes is a plus.

  12. great serum

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2017

    This is a fast absorbing non fragrant serum. It is great at soothing your skin. I highly recommend this product. I use it with the coq10 serum and I love them both.

  13. So far so good

    Posted by Cindy on 17th Feb 2017

    First time using this product. I use it all over my face and neck in the evening. It has a nice texture and sinks right it. Its too early to say if it is making a big difference in my wrinkles, but I will likely order this again if there is a half price sale. I would likely order the refill size as it is a better deal. Our Canadian dollar and the fact that every item you add an item to your cart adds another five dollars shipping for each item keeps me from ordering as often as I likely would. If the shipping was one price for several items I would order much more especially when the half price sale is on.

  14. AWESOME product!

    Posted by Kelly on 17th Feb 2017

    I have already been using several Timeless serums and recently added this product to my nighttime skin routine. It adds so much moisture and really has made a difference in the way my face and neck looks and feels! I won't be without it!

  15. excellent

    Posted by penni madsen on 15th Feb 2017

    I wasn't sure if I needed this. I already use the vit c serum, but wanted to try some new products with Xmas sale. The main noticeable difference was how even my skin tone is. After getting out shower, I thought I must not have washed my make up off!, but then I remembered I had been using synthe 6 for last few mornings. My usual reddish/acne prone skin looked so white. Even though, vit c serum had already evened out, and boosted my complexion, I feel the synthe 6 has complimented even more. Now I don't want to be without either. At least give it try and see if u like.

    How I use: in the a.m. after washing with cerave. I do not dry, just hands and neck. Apply 4 drops to back of hand, then gently rub on face. After few minutes, I apply few drops of vit c serum. It says on bottle "once a day", so I don't use at night.

  16. wonderful serum

    Posted by maryann on 11th Feb 2017

    this serum is great . Even at 53 I have combination skin prone to acne and this does not break me out or leave me greasy

  17. magnifico!

    Posted by Malubama on 5th Feb 2017

    me ha gustado mucho, mi piel la ha recibido bien y veo resultados.

  18. Part of my AM Ritual

    Posted by sunnshne23@hotmail.com on 5th Feb 2017

    I use this serum every other day and I'm loving my results so far!

  19. review for matryxl serum

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2017

    Very happy with the serum. Use it in combination with retinol. It has made a big difference in fine lines on my neck. I also use vitamin A and C ferrulic.

  20. Not Noticing any Difference

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2017

    I've been using this product for about one month now at the recommendation of a YouTube Blogger that I follow but to be perfectly honest I can't say that I notice any difference in my skin at all. I don't think I will repurchase.

  21. love this serum

    Posted by Aneta on 27th Jan 2017

    I love this stuff! Really notice a big difference in my skin after one week of using. I highly recommend that product. I also use vit c serum from timeless. High quality.

  22. Love Timeless Products

    Posted by Debbie on 26th Jan 2017

    I use product on my neck and chest. Did not agree for my face. I have milia.

  23. Good for neck, but not for my face

    Posted by Elizabeth on 25th Jan 2017

    I used this is conjunction with th co-q-10 serum, and it is just to much. My pores clogged within the day. I went on using the co-q-10 and my skin is fine, but this serum is very thick. I did not want it to go to waste so I tried it on my neck, and it is great when used on my neck the chest and the backs of my hands. All those areas look much improved in tone texture and lines. Especially my neck, the vertical tendons are much less noticeable. I also stared to put on my eyelids, but it is to soon to tell if this will help them to not look so old.

  24. Love it!

    Posted by Nancy on 17th Jan 2017

    I have been using a number of serums and oils on my face lately, and have seen a marked difference. The Matrixyl Synthe'6 serum is part of that routine and I believe it is contributing to the improvement I am seeing. TimeLess does a good job of keeping the ingredients to a minimum, so you really know what you are applying. The prices are great, and I believe I am getting what they advertise, so why pay more?

  25. very good

    Posted by Thuy Tran on 16th Jan 2017

    I am in love with Timeless products

  26. Instant results

    Posted by twilite2000 on 14th Jan 2017

    I use this on my neck so it is so sensitive to may things. I use 3-4 drops with a good moisturizer and my neck looks plump and smooth. Love this product.

  27. Great serum!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2017

    Great serum. I use it in the morning, and it feels great under make up. Will keep using it!

  28. I use all the TIMELESS products, including the Derma tool

    Posted by Lynn on 14th Jan 2017

    skin has new texture and vibrancy, love the refreshed feeling

  29. wonderful serum

    Posted by Laura on 13th Jan 2017

    I use this serum on my neck for its very sensitive and it works and feels great!

  30. Enhanced moisturizers

    Posted by valentina on 11th Jan 2017

    Since I've started adding Timeless serums to my skin care routine I've really seen a change in my skin's elasticity & suppleness. I really am impressed!

  31. Good

    Posted by liudmila antonik on 9th Jan 2017

    Good for oily skin, soft and gentle.

  32. Love this serum

    Posted by Happy Skincare Junkie on 6th Jan 2017

    Makes my skin glow. Makes my skin look super smooth and wrinkle free. Just purchased the 4 oz. size. I use this every morning since I use prescription Retin A at night.

  33. Awesome!

    Posted by Melanie Rosen on 6th Jan 2017

    This is another very moisturizing serum that I also use on eyelids, neck and face. Love the way my skin looks and feels!

  34. Great for dry skin

    Posted by Suzanne C. on 2nd Jan 2017

    So far so good with this product as I've seen it do a good job with hydrating my skin. I find that I can't put it on in the morning because it is too thick under my moisturizer, but great for the evening.

  35. Great Value

    Posted by Anna Cappabianca on 30th Dec 2016

    I use this product on my neck once a day and have seen a difference. This is a great product at a great value.

  36. Love this product

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Dec 2016

    I have added this to my skin care routine and really see the benefits. Love how it absorbs into my skin.

  37. loving this serum

    Posted by Evi on 26th Dec 2016

    I asked my husband to get me bunch of things from Timeless as a gift. Previously I have purchased the vitamin C serum and I love it, so I wanted to try more things from this line. The Matrixyl Synthe 6 serum is amazing. I've only been using it for few days and I already Know when it's done I'll be getting another bottle. It absorbs into your skin so fast and it's not greasy. It leaves your skin sooooo soft. I love this serum and the price is great too, can't beat that. I'm in my late 20s and so glad I came across timeless skin care. I would definitely recommend trying them out.

  38. This serum feels divine and melts into my skin.

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2016

    I've only been using this serum for a few weeks, so I can't speak to the long-term effects, but I've enjoyed it very much. It feels lovely, soaks right in, and doesn't irritate my skin or cause breakouts. My skin is very sensitive. For reference, I'm 47 yrs old, fair skin, kind of oily T-zone.

  39. best product ever

    Posted by Yolanda Baron on 19th Dec 2016

    I have been using this product along with the vitamin c serum for about a month and I have seen GREAT results in that short period of time. As a woman of color who has suffered from acne prone oily skin for years, I am completely sold and really did not believe I would find products that would work so well for my skin. I have found that my oil production is controlled better with these products and my acne scars have faded completely, leaving me with bright skin that just glows. All of this in just ONE MONTH. Not to mention that I have not had an acne break out since adding these items to my face care routine. My makeup even looks better on me now. Finding products that work well together and deliver the best results are a first time for me and I am completely sold. I just purchased the 4 oz refill bottles because I want to make sure I do not run out.

  40. Absolutely the best!!

    Posted by Miss Texas. on 13th Dec 2016

    I don't know exactly how but this from the first time I applied it to my skin I saw my skin clear the blotchy redness on my cheeks. After two weeks my skin looked more supple and smooth. The creepy thinning skin is disappearing. I was not expecting it to work so fast. Pretty soon I'll b nearing 50 years old, I am Hispanic with very sensitive skin. Somehow it is soothing to my skin. Love it.

  41. Pretty Darn Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2016

    Felt the difference on my skin after the first application. At this price point nothing comes close to the results I got. Purchased for my neck but decided to continue right up through my entire face.

  42. Enjoying my first bottle!

    Posted by angela on 9th Dec 2016

    This is my first bottle so I'm still waiting to reap the benefits. I'm using it on my face and neck. Love that it's fast absorbing and that it works well with my other products!

  43. So far so good

    Posted by Doaa on 4th Dec 2016

    This is new serum in the line so till now it is performing very well. Yesterday I added few drops of Silk protein to it and today the result is amazing. Can't find better with the same price.

  44. powerful

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2016

    This is by far one of the best serums I've ever owned.
    Does what it says. (After two months of everyday use, i really can see the difference)
    Evens skin tone and helps with fine lines.
    It's great in combination with the vitamin c +e + f !
    Just ordered my second one!
    Don't forget to apply spf every day!!
    I'm planning to order the q10 serum as well.

  45. Matrixyl 6 serum

    Posted by Christine on 21st Nov 2016

    Ive been using this for a few weeks now twice a day. I put it on my face and neck. It absorbs right away into my skin and is non-greasy. I have not noticed a difference in wrinkles yet but waiting patiently.

  46. awesome product

    Posted by stephanie on 17th Nov 2016

    I have been using this product for less than a month and have noticed some improvement in firmness however subtle this product actually does something. I will be reordering this product

  47. Great Alternative to Retinol

    Posted by Ellen Burman on 16th Nov 2016

    I use this every other day, alternating with my retinol cream to get the same effects without all the irritation. Just love all of these products and use them all together!

  48. LOVE

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Nov 2016

    I love this serum!!!!

  49. Great for rosacea on neck

    Posted by Tracy on 5th Nov 2016

    I love this serum on my chest and neck. It does not agitate my rosacea and the redness has gone down.

  50. so good your mom will steal it from you!

    Posted by heather on 29th Oct 2016

    Works beautifully after a few months of use, but even after the first few times you'll notice a difference in skin texture.
    I preordered a bottle for myself to have for when I returned from travel and by the time I got home my own mother had taken ownership of my backup! So beware, this stuff will turn an honest woman into a crook! Lol

  51. 100% A Keeper!

    Posted by Connie G. on 28th Oct 2016

    I've been using Matrixyl Synthe'6 serum along with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum at night before bed and before my moisturizer. I'm thoroughly impressed with this powerful duo. Fine lines are softer, my age spots are fading. My face feels softer. There is no greasy feeling. Matrixyl serum absorbs quickly. No stinging, no redness. Just a softer younger looking face. I'm thoroughly pleased.

  52. rich enough

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2016

    bring my face to shine in winter time. I use it after vit. c and apply lotion after it. my face show radiant in dry days.

  53. rich enough

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2016

    bring my face to shine in winter time. I use it after vit. c and apply lotion after it. my face show radiant in dry days.

  54. Unsure

    Posted by Mary on 22nd Oct 2016

    Of all the serums that I tried and used, Timeless products works better. However, I don't see any improvement of the fine lines under my eye.

  55. Amazing!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2016

    After using this product for several weeks, I've seen noticeable improvement in lines above lips, under eye crepey skin, and folds along sides of nose. The vitamin c adds brightness and clarity to shin, but this actually reduces fine lines . And at age 74, that's really something! I

  56. A noticeable difference

    Posted by Theresa on 26th Sep 2016

    I've suffered with acne scars and have been using this along with a dermaroller for a few months now (I was originally only using only the hyaluronic acid serum from the pure line). This interested me because of its wound repairing and collagen producing properties. I absolutely see a difference in my skin from using this product instead of only the hyaluronic acid. My scars have improved, have filled in more at a faster rate. My skin is not completely where I want it to be, but this is a product I feel like I can depend on in the long run. Also I really love this brand because each product contains only the ingredients you want, not the added fillers, extracts, and oils.

  57. best c serum

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Sep 2016

    Love it
    Works great

  58. it works.

    Posted by Anne B on 28th Jul 2016

    A lovely product. I live a cold country, i spend alot of time outdoors, but i have used Timeless serums for a few years now and my 50 year old skin looks better and healthier than ever... Love it!

  59. nice addition

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2016

    I started this a month ago. It's a light bit of moisture for summer and good under makeup. I think my skin looks smoother and clearer. Getting lots of compliments! Definitely repurchase.

  60. new to me

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2016

    Purchased this during the 4th of July sale to try something new. It works well at hydrating, but I can only use at night as I feel like it does not absorb well enough before makeup application. Good product, gives me soft and hydrated skin.

  61. Loving this serum

    Posted by Jessi on 20th Jul 2016

    I'm always trying new serums for my fine lines and wrinkles, and THIS one is by far my favorite so far. After 2 weeks my under eye lines and wrinkles look noticeably different. I look younger now then I did last year! I love it! My skin is also very acne prone, and the serum does not clog my pores.

  62. Not what I expected.

    Posted by Amy on 20th Jul 2016

    Makes my face break out badly and irritates and dries my skin.

  63. Absorbs quickly

    Posted by Sophie on 12th Jul 2016

    I used to use the Coenzyme Q10 serum; decided to try this one instead this time around. Both serums are excellent, however, this one seems to absorb more quickly into my skin. Leaves my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated all day.

  64. absolutely AMAZING!

    Posted by Trish on 22nd Jun 2016

    This product is truly amazing. I never understood how people could pay anything more than $30 for skincare after discovering Timeless. I've been using this product now for about a month, but I could tell a huge difference after just five days. I must say, it hardly does a thing if you use it alone. But if you use it before you moisturize, it works wonders. It can fix any skin problem under the sun. I have found that it helps my acne and old acne scares. Also, the longer I use it, it has been evening out my skin tone. I use harsh dermatologic ointments on my skin and this helps my skin not dry out from them, too.

  65. New #1!

    Posted by Stephany on 22nd Jun 2016

    I love this product!! Smoothed out the fine lines around my eyes and leaves my face moisturized. Will purchase again!

  66. Conditioner for your face

    Posted by Mary on 21st Jun 2016

    Love this serum!!! I use it with the Vitamin C and E. I have the softest skin I ever had, despite many others!!!

  67. Godo product

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2016

    Godo product , good price!

  68. Too soon to tell....

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jun 2016

    Since I've only been using this product for about 10 days, it's really too early to say anything about the results. I can say that I really like the lovely way it feels on the skin, both how smoothly it goes on and the soft, slightly moisturized
    feel it leaves on skin. Will send an update on results in 2-3 months.

  69. Can't live without!!

    Posted by Trish on 29th May 2016

    Matrixyl synthe'6 serum has transformed my skin! This serum is silky and lightweight without leaving a sticky feeling to my face. It has really helped to give my skin a softer texture and clear up the little bit of scarring I have left! I don't know if it's this or the C serum but since I started using both religiously, my skin is amazing. I will be 36 in 7 months and I have been carded three times in the last couple of months.... Pretty much every time I have gotten drinks, I've been asked for ID (and with no makeup on!). The last security guard told me she knew I was over 21, but had to card everyone in their mid-twenties and I said: I was born in the early 80s! She didn't believe it until I passed her my license.
    My routine has been C serum in the mornings after toning and this serum on top before moisurizing. I'll never be without this product!!

  70. Did not believe this

    Posted by Val on 28th Apr 2016

    Out of all the things on the market this is the best I live in the uk and have to wait for a long time before I receive it , but well worth waiting for

  71. great serum

    Posted by flavia on 24th Mar 2016

    Best serum ever

  72. Very effective

    Posted by Tturan on 22nd Mar 2016

    This product goes on very nice and feels great on my skin. My skin looks wonderful.

  73. awesome serum

    Posted by Lori on 15th Mar 2016

    This one will really make you skin soft and lovely it has in it ingredients that usually cost a whole lot more . It will go on really nicely ans is easy to use . it will dry quickly and work so well with other skincare product you use it with . I have not once had it pill with something I was using and that a huge deal for me

  74. great product!

    Posted by Olga on 12th Mar 2016

    My dry skin really loves this serum. I apply it in the morning before my cream, and my dry skin looks good and relaxed all day! Will by it again..and again..

  75. Amazing serum

    Posted by laurie on 8th Mar 2016

    This does everything that it claims. My skin looks better than ever.

  76. Great so far

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2016

    Haven't been using this for long but like results so far. Skins feels smooth and moisturized. Fine lines and wrinkles haven't magically disappeared, but it has been that long. Still better than results than higher end brands.

  77. Excellent product!

    Posted by KLC on 27th Feb 2016

    I have rarely tried a new product and seen immediate results. My skin is not as dry and looks very hydrated. I will repurchase and recommend to friends.

  78. SERUM

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2016


  79. Working nicely

    Posted by Gina on 21st Jan 2016

    I really like this product though don't see a huge difference between Matryxyl Synthe 6 and other Matryxyl from Timeless.

  80. I changed from original matrixyl to this

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jan 2016

    I can't tell a huge difference between this and Matrixyl 3000 but I can tell a difference in the firmness of my skin, especially my neck. Will definitely continue to purchase.

  81. very impressed

    Posted by Larissa on 12th Jan 2016

    I really didn't think anything could be better than using the C+E Ferulic acid but once I added this to the regimen my skin improved even more. It feels more plump and smooth. I use the Matrixyl Synthe 6 at night and the vitamin C serum in the morning. I truly believe this is the best stuff you can get for your money.

  82. lightweight and effective

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Dec 2015

    This is effective for fine lines

  83. Fantastic

    Posted by Mary on 21st Dec 2015

    These serums are all fantastic. I use them everyday and I have seen a big difference!! Great products!!!

  84. Wow

    Posted by Mary Lynn on 19th Dec 2015

    I was using the other Timeless Matrixyl serum but switched to this one. It is better. My old (67) skin feels thicker. The lines along my cheeks are less noticeable. This is definitely better than the original. Highly recommend. And it's not expensive.