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Benefits To Using A Micro Dermaroller

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In this day and age of home microdermabrasion kits, do-it-yourself facials, and spin brushes, it’s hard to tell the gimmicks from the innovations. One invention that has a proven track record with dermatologists and skin care professionals is the Micro Dermaroller. Now, a consumer-friendly model is available to the public, and the timing is as perfect as your skin can be.

Once you learn about the incredible benefits to a micro dermaroller regimen, you’ll forget all about how silly the device seemed at first glance. The Micro Needle Dermaroller is a mini steel drum attached to a handle. It has 192 embedded needles which you roll across your face to bring the glow back to dull skin and smooth out fine lines. The problem is, people oversimplify this anti aging skin care marvel.

The Micro Dermaroller Is Today’s Answer to Lifeless Skin

While it’s true that one of the main benefits to a micro dermaroller is to aid in the absorption of an anti-aging night serum or other rejuvenating topical product, the dermaroller’s tiny surgical-grade pins DO NOT make tiny holes in your skin to let the ingredients in! The Micro Needle Dermaroller, which has been used successfully for generations, is designed to improve and reenergize your skin, not break it! The ingenious pins actually create tiny channels in the skin to allow skin care serums, creams and lotions to absorb completely through the skin. If you are thinking about using a night serum to turn back the clock while you sleep, the micro dermaroller is a must-have accessory.

Better Skin Is Just a Few Rolls Away

Among the many benefits to a micro dermaroller is its ability to stimulate the skin in a way that reduces the appearance of fine lines and the depth of wrinkles. However, it does NOT roll out the creases like a flatiron! A dermaroller massages your skin to help it produce more collagen, the substance that prevents smile lines and deep wrinkles.

When it comes to anti-aging skin care, the Micro Dermaroller is a great investment in your face. See the difference when you use this well-engineered piece of medical equipment recently approved for home use.