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What Will Happen If Timeless Vitamin C, E & Ferulic Freezes?

June 10, 2016 2 Comments

Timeless 20% vitamin C + E ferulic acid serum is one the best skin care products available on the market today. With a combination of vitamin C + E and ferulic acid, it works amazingly on the skin. Unlike similar products available, timeless adds a touch of fragrance to each bottle so their clients do not have to endure an awful scent as with their competitor’s serum.


Vitamin C Benefits

When it comes to skin care, the most common vitamin C form used is called L-Ascorbic, as well as being the most powerful. This, when using this in a vitamin C serum, is boosting production of collagen and fights free radicals. It also builds up moisture content and reduces water loss in the skin, helping it to remain hydrated. Another great benefit is the properties to help with skin-lightening, reducing sun and dark spots.

Vitamin E Benefits

A form of vitamin E is known as Alpha Tocopherol. Present in the skin naturally is a great moisturizer. When combined with vitamin C, works as an excellent antioxidant. They work together to protect against sun damage.

Ferulic Acid Benefits

Another forceful antioxidant is ferulic acid. Wrinkles are prevented from forming by fighting off several types of free radicals. When combined with vitamin C and E it becomes even more powerful than by itself. When used all together as a natural skin care serum, it performs wonders.

Should I Freeze timeless Vitamin C + E & Ferulic Acid?

It is never recommended to freeze timeless vitamin c, e and ferulic acid. Although refrigerating the product can increase shelf life, when freezing, components solubility becomes disarrayed. Keep in mind, storing natural skin care serum with vitamin c in high temperatures can also make them go bad, so be sure to find a cool dry area to place them in. 

You know it shouldn’t be frozen, but should Vitamin C serum be refrigerated? We recommend refrigerating all our serums containing Vitamin C to extend shelf life. This is because Vitamin C is quite unstable. If you’ve ever used a serum with Vitamin C in it before, you’ve probably noticed it turn yellow, brown, or red over time. This is part of the natural oxidation process when Vitamin C changing to dehydroascorbic acid. Once your serum changes to a dark color, you should not use it because there is a higher risk of skin irritation.

But who wants to dump their money down the drain? There’s no reason you need to be pouring out the rest of your serums as long as you store them correctly. If you use them frequently enough and finish your bottle within 3 months, you might be fine storing it in a cool, dry place such as a cupboard. However, if you plan to use your serum over a longer period of time, refrigeration is a must. Just make sure your refrigerator isn’t set to a super cold setting because you don’t want your serum to freeze!

How We Make It Last Longer

We also formulate our Vitamin C serums to make them last as long as possible. We guarantee freshness for 3 months without refrigeration. That’s because we use proper ingredients and we package them well. Dyes only hide oxidation, so we never add them to our serums.  Our serums are packaged in dark bottles to prevent light from coming in. The E ferulic acid in our 20% Vitamin C serum is included to extend the life of the Vitamin C.

Vitamin C offers many benefits to the skin but storing it the correct way is important. While we encourage you to refrigerate your serum, we discourage you from freezing it, as it throws the serum components into disarray. Serums that are used quickly can be left in a cold, dry cupboard, but to increase longevity, others should be refrigerated.

Where Should I Store My Vitamin C?

If you’ve invested in a serum that you love for your skin, you want to get the most out of it. Over time, vitamin C turns to dehydroascorbic acid if it is not stored correctly. To increase longevity and protect your products, we suggest following these guidelines. 

  • Store acids in the dark: Vitamin C is unstable on its own and is better kept in the dark to protect it from direct sunlight. When the serum is exposed to direct sunlight, there is also a chance of extreme changes in temperature that can affect the chemical makeup of the product.
  • Take extra care: Vitamin C is also prone to oxidation, making it particularly sensitive. As it oxides, it will turn from clear to a darker color and is no longer effective. Although oxidation is a natural chemical reaction, protecting your serum can hold off the process.
  • Should vitamin C serum be refrigerated: Your vitamin C should never be stored in the freezer, but keep it in a cool, dark area such as your refrigerator. After each use, we recommend that you screw the light on tightly and immediately put the bottle in the refrigerator.

Your skin will glow and brighten with acids and vitamins that are well taken care of. Our Timeless skincare products are well worth the investment and work longer and better if they are properly taken care of.

Now you know how to properly take care of our Vitamin C products you can take your skincare routine to the next level. Don’t forget to take a look at all the beauty serums we offer.

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