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Vitamin C Versus Matrixyl

July 22, 2020

vitamin c versus matrixyl

Vitamin C and Matrixyl (peptides) are part of the dream team of those tried and true skincare ingredients that also include Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, and AHA/BHAs.   

Together, Peptides and Vitamin C can work as a great partnership, bringing different strengths to the relationship while also overlapping forces in other areas, such as collagen production. They both work to counteract the visible signs of aging, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. But this is where the similarities end. 

Vitamin C – Come one, come all! 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has great benefits for the skin starting at a. It fights free radicals, can help with breakouts, and helps even out skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin synthesis.  

Matrixyls - It’s an Age Thing! 

Meanwhile Matrixyl products are sometimes described as ‘botox in a bottle’, helping to lift and firm the skin, and really come into play for those entering their 30s and beyond. They are made up of Peptides-the building blocks of proteins needed to promote collagen and elastin. 

The matrikine peptide found in both the Timeless Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe 6 serums also have similar anti-aging benefits as a Retinol (Vitamin A) products and are often touted as an alternative to Retinol. 

Matrixyl 3000 is actually the combination of two peptides – palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 which have been shown to address not only wrinkles and collagen loss, but also stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism, improving overall skin elasticity, firmness and texture. This is why Timeless has called it “The Builder”. 

Matrixyl Synthe 6 was launched as a more complex ingredient, with six critical skin-building essentials derived from deoxygenated lipo-peptide. This helps the skin’s ability to heal and regenerate and improve the support structure beneath the epidermis, making it stronger and less susceptible to sun and pollution damage. This is why Timeless has called it “The Restorer”.

Compatibility score card for Vitamin C and Matrixyl?

You can layer Vitamin C and Matrixyls together, but it’s a good idea to wait between applications, allowing time (up to 30 mins) for the first active ingredient to fully absorb, as they do work at different pH levels.

To be extra sure not to cause adverse skin reactions or irritations, a more gentle derivative of Vitamin C than L-Ascorbic Acid, is Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. This Timeless Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C serum is less concentrated and is also great for more sensitive or oily skin since it does not contain Vitamin E. Much will depend on your skin’s tolerance and level of active ingredient concentration as to which vitamin C serum and polypeptides to use.

Routines to Try:

AM: Vitamin C & E with Ferulic

PM: HA Serum with Vitamin C after application of Matrixyl 3000 or Synthe’ 6 


AM: Matrixyl 3000 or Synthe’ 6, followed with HA Acid Serum with Vitamin C


For those with existing conditions such as eczema, higher grades of acne or rosacea, to name a few, the combination of these two active serums is especially not ideal. Avoid the higher concentrations of L-ascorbic acid found in our Vitamin CEF serum combined with the polypeptide serums.

Routines to Try:

AM: HA Acid Serum with Vitamin C  

PM: HA Acid Serum with Vitamin C followed with Coenzyme Q10 (another great peptide!) 


DISCLAIMER: The information on our blogs has been compiled from published sources and the experience of the Timeless Skin Care team. The blogs are  not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition or to address every skin type or  condition. While reasonable effort is made to publish reliable and up to date information, Timeless Skin Care cannot predict how a skin care regimen will affect every individual user. Timeless does not guarantee any specific outcomes or the accuracy of all information presented and accepts no liability in respect of any omission or error. If you are uncertain about possible sensitivity when using Timeless Skin Care products, please do a patch test before use. If you have any skin concerns, please talk to your physician or consult a dermatologist.

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