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Hyaluronic Acid BoxVitamin C Serum is nature's little secret. It effectively neutralizes free radicals while fading age spots and scarring. It's safe enough for your delicate facial skin and rugged enough to be mixed into lotions and conditioners. Pure vitamin c serum promotes the growth of collagen, which makes for a more youthful and glowing appearance. It enhances the skin's ability to slosh off dead skin cells, for an all-around smoother skin tone. Vitamin C is the best anti-aging serum that also minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and unsightly wrinkles. Most importantly to Timeless Skin Care, Vitamin C serum is completely safe for your skin.

Pure vitamin C serum works the best at protecting skin from free radicals and sun damage. Unlike most other animals, humans simply cannot produce vitamin C, therefore we must add it to our supplements and our diets. Vitamin C plays an important role in our health, immune system and skin. It essentially reaches every one of our many cells and performs a very important task. Since we cannot make it ourselves, Vitamin C needs to be added through foods, lotions and serums. Through a serum it strengthens our skins barriers, protecting us from damaging sun rays and outside pollutants. Different from moisturizers, serums travel deep through the skin layers. A lightweight moisturizer such as Argan oil should be added afterward to enhance the appearance of the surface tissue.

Vitamin C is thin and applies evenly into the skin. It can be used before applying makeup and will not leave a greasy appearance. Daily use of vitamin C serum can help combat the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and scarring. It leads too healthier, more radiant skin that will complement your beautiful appearance. Timeless Skin Care loves its customers and wants to make you feel beautiful and secure.