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Vitamin C And E Serum

August 09, 2016

Vitamin C And E Serum

If you care about the health of your skin, you should take some time to learn about the benefits of Vitamin C and E serum and why you want them in your bathroom for your regular skin care routines. Both Vitamin C and E are good for the health of your skin, and when you put them together, you’ll enjoy even more enhancements overall to your skin health. 

Vitamin C Benefits

Both of these serums are beneficial in their own ways, but overall they can improve the appearance of your skin while helping to trap in moisture more effectively. Vitamin C skin care helps the skin absorb moisture more effectively while brightening your complexion. Vitamin E helps with sunburns and other complexion problems while enhancing the moisture content of your hair at the same time. Vitamin E is taken regularly by people around the world, but few people intentionally rub it on their skin. You’re really missing out without realizing the benefits of using the serum in your regular skin care routine, which is why so many companies are beginning to add the compound into their moisturizers.

Making Use of the Serums

The most common way that people use Vitamin E and Vitamin C serums is by applying them to the fingertips and then rubbing them over the section of skin that needs improving. This process is quick and easy to do. Most of the time, the substances are applied after exfoliation and cleaning, but before moisturizing. The moisturizer will trap the vitamins against the skin until the body has time to absorb them fully.

Are Vitamin C and E Serums Completely Natural? 

Our vitamin C and E serum, Timeless C E Ferulic, is all-natural and free of parabens and dangerous chemicals. Our cruelty-free product, which is made in the United States, does not include added dyes or fragrances. This way, you can be sure the product is unlikely to cause any skin or scent sensitivities.

What Is the Best Full Skin Care Routine With Vitamin C and E Serum? 

Before you begin a full routine with a new skin care product, you should test it on a small patch of skin and wait 24 hours first. Although most people do not have a reaction, a rare few are sensitive to the ingredients. If you want to continue using the serum after 24 hours, you can use it twice a day. In the morning, apply two or three drops on dry, clean skin and wait for it to dry completely (about 10 minutes) before adding moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup. Do the same thing during your bedtime routine to get the best results.

Do I Need to Use Sunscreen When Using Serums? 

You should use sunscreen 365 days a year, even if you don't use any other products. Sunscreen is more important when using C E Ferulic Serum, though. This is because the vitamins work in combination with the sunscreen to prevent and repair sun damage. Without a sunblock of at least SPF50, the vitamin C can actually attract more damage from the sun and cause redness or dark spots.

Will Vitamin C and E Serum Work for Every Skin Type?

Vitamin C and E serum works for most skin types. Keep in mind that it is an exfoliant and is a heavy oil that provides a lot of moisture. For this reason, it is excellent for people with very dry skin but not a good choice for those who have very oily skin.

Timeless Skin Care provides a wide variety of serums, creams and other products for all skin types. Whether you choose vitamin C and E serum or another product, your skin will be glad you started a care routine.

Now that you know why Vitamin C and E skin products is worth having around, you can decide if the benefits are worth it to you. Both substances are readily available and even a small bottle will last you over time. Consider adding them to your home today and you’ll be able to enhance your skin care routine.

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