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Timeless Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

December 21, 2017


Did you know most people have problems with dry, flaky skin during the winter? Not only do people tend to drink less water than they do in the summer, but the air also contains less moisture during the cold winter months. These two factors can lead to skin dehydration and can cause the skin to lose some of its elasticity. For these reasons, we recommend ditching the generic socks and purchasing soothing skin care gift sets for your friends and family members this holiday season.

Choose Your Focus

When purchasing skin care gifts for loved ones, it’s best to choose products that address their specific areas of concern. You can choose from three main gift set categories:


  • Moisturizing skin care gift sets
  • Anti-aging skin care kits
  • Beauty gift sets


Know someone who suffers from extremely dry winter skin? If so, he or she might benefit from our 100% pure Argan Oil or Hydrating Eye Cream products. Has your best friend been complaining about the new wrinkles she’s discovered on her face? Get her one of our anti-aging skin care kits or anti-wrinkle serums. A quality skin care gift is one that keeps giving long after the holidays are over.

Our natural skincare products are formulated without harmful ingredients like parabens. We believe skincare products should nourish – not poison – your skin. So, no matter what type of gift set you choose for your friend or family member, you can give it guilt-free.

Select Your Perfect Gift Today

Wondering what to get everyone on your gift list? Make your job easier by giving quality skin care products. Our beauty gift sets and all-natural skin care products are perfect for practically everyone. From hydrating eye creams to nourishing serums, we have everything you need to fight holiday dryness and improve the appearance of your skin.

Browse our selection to find the perfect Timeless Skincare gift set for a friend or family member. Don’t forget to grab one for yourself too. We won’t tell!

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