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Professional Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream

May 10, 2016

Through the use of professional hyaluronic acid face cream, you can take the guess work out of your skin care routine. The human body produces hyaluronic acid and is responsible for supple, smooth and soft skin. As we get older, like most other things, our ability to create hyaluronic acid decreases. This results in those annoying fine lines, sagging skin and age identifying wrinkles. Having an organic skin care product that contacts hyaluronic acid can help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and young.

Reduce Those Wrinkles with A Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream

Reducing all of the wrinkles and fine lines that comes with aging, takes time. Sure, you could go and pay hundreds of dollars to go to a day spa and get the same products used on your skin, as those that are provided by us, but what do you have to gain? A fun day out that leaves you looking and feeling better for a few days? The best option is finding your own organic skin care products that not only work, but are also cost effective. That, ladies and gentlemen, is where we come in.

Our hyaluronic acid cream not only gives you spa quality results at a fraction of the price, but you can be sure that they are part of an all-natural, organic skin care line that focuses on providing the best quality products at highly affordable prices.

Hyaluronic acid is found between skin cells. It not only acts as a shock absorber to help protect your body, but it also acts as your skins natural lubricant. What, you didn’t think that those skin cells were just glued together somehow and stretched like a balloon when you talk, whistle or smile did you? The problem with aging is, our bodies stop producing the extra chemicals we would like, such as hyaluronic acid, and focuses more on the chemicals that need. Thankfully, there is a way to give natural a helping hand, with our hyaluronic acid face cream. Let father time do his worst and we’ll continue to do our best, to give you the healthy, supple skin you deserve.

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First - Debunking Common Myths about HA 

Hyaluronic Acid is not actually an acid, like glycolic or salicylic acid that exfoliates the skin. HA is a complex sugar, known as a polysaccharide, that occurs naturally in the body providing hydration for our joints, hair, eyes and especially the skin. 

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Caring for your skin and the planet. One plastic bottle at a time.
Caring for your skin and the planet. One plastic bottle at a time.

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We invite you to join us on our new skin care journey with TerraCycle.

We love when customers share how Timeless has made a difference in their lives, and we hope to make a difference when it comes to future generations too!  

This August we are proud to launch a national recycling program of our Timeless plastic packaging through our partnership with TerraCycle.

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