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Night Skincare Routine Ideas

March 31, 2017

One face doesn’t fit all, so one night skincare routine shouldn’t fit all either. Depending on your complexion, how much makeup you wear, where you live, and what type of environmental toxins you encounter during the day, you might do best with one night skincare regime, while someone else benefits from another. But, even with our differences in skin, makeup, and day-to-day lives, there are some night skincare routine ideas that you will probably find beneficial as you strip away the day from your face and prepare it gently for rest.

Cleanse Gently

Everyone needs to gently cleanse the face before bed. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you must wash away any dirt, oil, or other substance that has come onto your face nightly. If you don’t, you could end up with clogged pores, acne, and other facial issues. For cleansing, use an all-natural cleanser with healing ingredients like herb and botanical essences.


It’s a good idea to exfoliate nightly. That doesn’t mean you have to use a harsh and abrasive exfoliating product, which could damage your skin even if you don’t use it every evening. Simply choose a natural exfoliator that gently sloughs off dead skin cells and primes the face for renewal.

Apply a Facial Night Serum

Using a facial night serum before every slumber lets you load your face up with goodies that will heal, nourish, diminish wrinkles, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. Even though we say load, we’re just talking about choosing a night serum packed with amazingly beneficial ingredients. You don’t have to use a heavy serum at all. Timeless Skin Care’s facial night serums are lightweight, but they’re full of good-for-the-face ingredients.

Night Skincare Routine Ideas Must Include Moisturization

Even if you have oily skin, you must moisturize your skin before you go to bed each night. If you don’t, your skin could produce even more moisture to overcompensate for you not keeping it gently hydrated. Using a moisturizer each night, keeps the skin hydrated (especially if you run the heater or air conditioner as you sleep) and it helps the skin with night restoration.

Timeless Skin Care provides a range of great all-natural and gentle products you can use for your night skincare routine ideas, such as vitamin B5 serums, anti-wrinkle eye creams, and hyaluronic acid serums. Try one or more of these natural skin care products as you wash away the day and get ready for a new one.

Did you know there are wrong ways to wash your face? Surprisingly, it’s true. Certain cleansing habits may damage your skin. For example, if you turn the water's temperature up too high, you're dilating your blood vessels, which breaks the delicate tissue in your face. Hot water also strips the natural oil barrier from your skin. Use lukewarm water instead. Check out these other mistakes you might be making.

  • Using your face cleanser to remove makeup (buy a separate product)
  • Not purchasing the right cleanser for your skin type
  • Reusing washcloths, which can spread bacteria and even mold
  • Washing for longer than 30 seconds
  • Washing right after using a mask
  • Skipping moisturizer

 What Can You Do if You Forget Your Routine One Night?

If you forget to perform your beauty routine before bed, as so many of us do, you'll need to do damage control the next morning. Start with a deep cleanse by allowing your cleanser to sit on your face for 30 seconds and then exfoliating with a scrub. This will remove all traces of makeup, dead skin cells, and other grime. Next, use a stimulating face mask to perk up your skin. Look for masks that contain tea tree oils or peppermint. Finally, massage your daily moisturizer into your skin for a couple of minutes to add hydration back. Remember, though, while everyone skips their nighttime routine from time to time, doing so will eventually do more damage than an intense next-day routine can repair. It should be used as a last resort and not as compensation for being too tired the night before.

Are you interested in learning more about the products that Timeless Skin Care carries to help you create a flawless routine for skin care before sleep? Learn more about our products and how we can help you by calling our team at 1-800-213-3705. Don't want to talk on the phone? You can email us instead at

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