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It’s no fun dealing with anxiety, and it’s more stressful worrying about acne that’s caused by anxiety. Sometimes, it seems like luck piles one bad thing on top of another, but in the case of anxiety and acne, there may be a way to avoid the doom of a two-fold problem. Many of our customers wonder how to cure acne from anxiety, because they’ve tried various topical products that just aren’t working. The secret, we offer, may be gentler products combines with a lifestyle changehow-anxiety-affects-your-skin-and-how-to-deal-with-it

What Comes First? Anxiety or Acne

Often, anxiety and acne seem so correlated that it’s hard to determine what causes what or if the 2 conditions are randomly affecting you at the same time. This could be the case. For instance, you can have anxiety and also eat a poor diet, or have less-than-ideal hygiene habits. Maybe you have anxiety and use beauty products that are not right for you. But many times, anxiety about anything in life can cause stress in the body that leads to acne.

Anxiety Needs To Be Treated

Anxiety, if allowed to flourish, will cause you major setbacks if you’re trying to take care of your skin. It leads to hormone fluctuations, as stress-related hormones change your pore makeup – many times, increasing their oil levels. This clogs pores, lets bacteria grow inside, and causes acne in many cases. Sweat from anxiety can also cause bacteria to become trapped in pores, increasing the likelihood of acne. And, anxiety sometimes causes behavior changes, such as touching your face, which can lead to acne due to oil on your hands.

Meditation and Healthy Lifestyle Changes

People with acne often get anxious they won’t be able to cure it, which leads to more anxiety and the cycle of unhealthy skin goes on. A good way to get a handle on anxiety is to work with a therapist or to do internal work so you can get to the bottom of what’s causing you stress. Meditation and being in nature can reduce anxiety. Eating a clean diet and staying hydrated can make you feel good, which can keep anxiety at bay.

As you work through what’s causing your anxiety, it’s important to use gentle facial products that are known to help fight acne. Hyaluronic acid serum and coenzyme Q10 serum are ideal acne-fighting skin care products.