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Great news for those in search of fall skin care tips has arrived in the form of one fantastic substance that can take care of many of the destructive forces affecting your skin. Do not let the scary sounding name of hyaluronic acid serum dissuade you from trying this unusual ingredient to help your skin stay looking its best. 

Unfortunately, during the colder months of autumn and winter, nature and other external factors work against moist skin. Take a look at these five ways a skin care cream containing hyaluronic acid can work for you in the colder seasons to stem the sapping of hydration from your skin.

  1. Removes or Lessens Lines and Wrinkles – One of the primary reasons to keep your skin naturally moist is to reduce the appearance of aging. Hyaluronic acid, as well as a vitamin c serum that replenishes the skin,  makes lines and wrinkles less visible by keeping the surface of your skin moist.
  1. Keeps Skin Feeling Soft and Smooth – Dry skin can feel rough. By binding water molecules to your skin’s surface, hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain an irresistible silky smoothness.
  1. Protects Skin From Irritants – Your skin is under constant attack from pollutants and other harmful irritants. The best skin treatment is one that acts as a natural moisture shield to reduce the adverse side effects of these assailants. 
  1. Helps With Some Types of Acne – Some forms of acne are caused by oily skin. Producing too much oil can be your skin crying out for more moisture. Using skin hydration products can reduce oiliness and help reduce the severity of breakouts.
  1. Supports Youthful, Radiant Appearance – Natural beauty requires an organic glow that can only come from well-hydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid's ability to bind those precious water molecules to the surface of your skin can help your skin glimmer.

The first step in obtaining naturally beautiful skin is proper moisture content. View our website for a complete line of hydrating products for your skin.