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What Does Squalane Oil Do?

May 11, 2018


To begin, one should know that squalane oil is a saturated oil made from squalene oil. Squalene oil is an unsaturated oil found in your skin, olives, and sugarcane. Squalene oil is unstable and goes rancid very quickly. Through a hydrogenation process, squalene oil is transformed into a stable product that benefits your face and skin. It can be part of a beauty routine that includes natural skincare products.

Squalane oil today is typically made from olives. Once, it was made from shark livers, but that is no longer the case. The molecular structure of squalane resembles your own skin’s structure, which allows the skin to quickly absorb the oil. The oil is odorless and colorless, making it easy to include in your moisturizing rituals. Many people use squalane for wrinkles.

Benefits of Squalane Oil

Squalane oil is hydrating and soothing for all skin types, even acne-prone skin. It’s a non-comedogenic product, which means it won’t clog your pores. The oil is very lightweight and goes on smoothly. Here are some of the biggest benefits: 

  • Squalane oil sinks into the skin quickly to plump it up and make it feel soft and smooth.
  • It’s ideal for moisturizing around the lips and eyes.
  • The oil is non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Squalane oil regulates your own oil production, keeping your pores from producing too much oil.
  • It’s naturally antibacterial.
  • Squalane may help dark spots fade over time and acts like an antioxidant on your skin.

How to Use Squalane Oil 

Squalane oil absorbs very quickly. Use it between your toner and moisturizer. Apply active treatment products before using squalane oil, then use one to three drops of squalane. Many people use it as an eye and lip moisturizer. You can even mix a drop into your makeup for more squalene oil benefits. Apply it morning and night for best results.

Find Natural Products for Healthy Skin

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