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Can Dermarollers Help With Acne Scars?

September 28, 2017


If you are living with visible acne scars, you know that finding ways to reduce their appearance can be challenging. That’s why you are right to ask whether or not new treatments and processes really live up to the hype before you give them a try. Acne scar reduction is possible, though. There are a few ways to accomplish it, but one of the easiest to manage on your own is the use of Dermarollers.

How Dermarollers Work 

These rollers are handheld devices that consist of a cylinder attached to a handle by bearings or an axle of some kind. On the rollers, there are tiny surgical grade titanium needles, and those pierce the outer layer of epidermis, promoting collagen growth.

The formal name for this treatment is collagen induction therapy, and the reason the needles stimulate growth is because they create incredibly tiny disruptions to the skin’s cohesion. The body then responds by increasing growth in the underlying tissue. As a result, the skin plumps, reducing the appearance of: 

  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles

It might take a little time before you notice the results, but like many skin treatments, the longer you use the micro needle roller, the more consistent and pronounced your results will be.

Finding the Right Micro Needle Dermaroller

If you are looking to start using a micro needle device to treat your acne scars, it is important to find a Micro Needle Dermaroller for sale from a reliable skincare website that has a track record of helping customers like we do. Check out our selection or rollers and other skincare accessories, and start yourself on the path to great looking skin.

Remember, Timeless Skin Care is here to help you find the best path to healthy skin. That means we provide a variety of products designed to promote great skin for all skin types. Check out the rest of our catalog today.

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